PROPERTIES FROM 30.000 to 50.000€

CFD200403FINCA  LA  GALERA   5 jornales of flat land with  almonds and grapes . Land needs some attention. Finca has also a small building and cisterna .Mains water  pipes are in the finca just need to be connected .Electric near by . Good access off tarmac road.   Price 36000 Euros
CFD200497 FINCA  CANAL CAMARLES7.5 jornales  of  land planted with olive trees including millenium trees. There is a casita de campo with new roof ,also a cisterna. Good access and mountain views
. PRICE 35000 Euros
CFD200342 Finca Jose Fontanet: 6.5 jornales of  land planted with matured olive  , almond  trees. It has a small stone Casita for renovation with an almacen attached . Agricultural water  and electric near by.Beautiful mountain views .Good access.  Price 36060 Euros
CFD200389 FINCA  ALDOVER MARIA       Flat plot of land of 7.5 jornales ,  planted with almond trees in full production . Watering system by drips  .There is agriculture water and electric can be connected . Owner has informed us that  building permit can be obtained for  a large building .
Lovely mountain views.Price 39000 Euros SOLD
CFD200414 FINCA ALDOVER HILL   Small breeze block casita , 5 jornales of flat land with olives and carrob trees , stone wall surrounds the property . Agriculture water. Close to city of Tortosa.
200376 FINCA GARCIACasa with large room with fireplace,kitchen area. Small store room with bathroom area . There is a store room and porch . Water is by cisterna, water can be delivered in a tanker and also it fills up when it rains .It  has septic tank.The house needs wiring for electric which can bedone for solar panels(free electric!!). There are 4 jornales of flat land planted with 365 olive trees  all 7 years old .The land is kept in good condition. This finca has joined the water project for agriculture water the 10% deposit has been paid. The finca is registered in the local cooperative .The house is surrounded by tall fir trees,and good access off a tarmac road. The motorway is near by and can be noisy sometimes. Price 32000 Euros   SOLD
CFD 200441 FINCA MARIE CINTA   7 jornales flat land planted with mature olive trees  in full  production   water from community well. Electric nearby Casita de campo with cisterna.  Price 48000 Euros 
CFD200444 FINCA CAPELLA7 jornales flat land   with almond trees,,water to the finca and there is an electric pole in the finca but mains electric is not connected  small shed . Nice views  10 mins to Tortosa. Price 30000 Euros
CFD200452 A 4  Approx 28 jornales land planted with olives  watering system to trees Stone house for renovation .  Price 54000 Euros.
CFD200459 FINCA JACKIMOThis is a one room studio with large sleeping 
area,toilet and washbasin,needs shower fitting, there is room in the washroom to fit it. 
Fireplace, living area and kitchen area It has approx 2500m2 land. Water is connected 
to the property and electric is to connect. Ideal for weekends/holidays or even for 
enlarging for permanent living. Price 30000 Euros
CFD200461 FINCA CARAMELLA PORTS ROAD 7  jornales flat land with olives and almonds there is a stone casita for restoration and to extend. Good access off
tarmac road, mountain views water to the finca,electric nearby.  Price 42000 Euros
CFD 200476 FINCA CAMI DE TERRAPICO This  finca has approx 10 jornales of flat land ,planted with almond trees.Land needs some attention . There is a casa de campo without a roof. Water is from community well good access.
PRICE 30000 Euros
CFD200495 FINCA MONTSIA  7 jornales  approx of gently terraced land planted with olive and carobs in full production . There is a small building on the land. Water pipes are being laid at the moment. Wonderful views of the mountains. Permit for 40m2 building should be forth coming.
     PRICE 45000 Euros 
CFD200505 FINCA SAS REGUERS. This finca has 10 jornales land planted with olives and almonds. There is a watering system to the trees. Water is from communal well. Electric is on next property.There is a stone casita.
PRICE 45000 Euros
CFD200490 FINCA ROQUETES ESQUIROL Approx 7 jornales land with olive trees Casa de campo for restoration.
PRICE 42000 Euros