CFD200366 FINCA VINCENT CASTELL 8 to 9 jornals with olive trees.Can join project for mains agriculture water . Ideal for caravan .
Price 18030 Euros.
CFD200496 FINCA GENERAL PORTS This finca has fantastic mountain views. There is approx 3 jornales land planted with olive trees.
Small casita for renovation. Water is very close would have to be applied for.
PRICE 21000 Euros
CFD200382 FINCA ALDOVER AL 3 jornales of land with fantastic views of mountains and the valley ,water and electric. Permit for 40 m2 building. 
.Price 24040 Euros 
CFD200412  FINCA PORTS7 jornales of  land with olives , carrobs, and almond trees. There is no casita .Water  connected. Lane divides finca into in two lovely mountain views. 
CFD200413 FINCA ST BARBARA PUENTE Approx 2 jornales of flat land  with olives ,carrobs, almonds and fig trees, small casita campo. 
Price 10000 Euros. 
CFD200420 FINCA BAIX CERVERA    4.5 jornales of terraced land planted with olive and carob trees . Beautiful mountain views. 
There is an old stone casita in ruins . 
Price  9000 Euros  SOLD 
CFD200428 FINCA REGUES/ALDOVER 8 jornales flat  land  suitable for grazing. Stone house,for restoration.
Price  24000 Euros
CFD200430  FINCA OTEROApprox 1.5 jornales flat land  fronts onto tarmac road. 
Price 6000 Euros
CFD200442 FINCA JUAN   2 jornales of flat land with almond and olive trees. Small casita de campo  in good  condition . Deposit has been paid for the water project. Good access off Tarmac road, 5 mins to the village.  Price 15000 Euros
CFD200450  ALFREDO 2   Approx 5 jornales  terraced land  overgrown. Stone casita in ruins agricultural water and mains electric next to .
Price 24000 Euros   SOLD
CFD200463 FINCA CANAL REGUES3 Jornales flat land  in good condition planted with mature olive trees water to the finca. Price 24000 Euros
CFD200473 FINCA CANAL 1  Small casita of approx 20m2  1 jornal of oranges  with water.Electric close by. 10 mins to the city of Tortosa.Nex to Ebro River.
.Price  24 000  Euros  SOLD
CFD200475 FINCA CANAL 3This is just 1 jornal  flat land ,  water from canal.Next to river Ebro 
Price 12000 Euros 
CFD200498 FINCA CAMARLES  Approx 4 jornales of land  planted with olive 
trees . Views of the mountains 
PRICE 15000 Euros
CFD200478 FINCA CARRER  MAS DE BARBARANSCasita in good condition with tiled floors an metal corner fireplace  2 jornales flat land planted with olive trees good access off tarmac road. Price 18000 Euros 
CFD200491  FINCA XERTA HILLThis is approx 3 jornales of terraced land  overgrown. Casita de campo with cisterna access up long track but accessable with normal car.
Price  12000 Euros 
CFD200504 PORTS ENTRANCE This is 8 jornales of land with a stone casita in ruins. Close to the National park Els Ports . PRICE 18000 Euros
CFD200481 FINCA FRANCISCO Approx 3 jornales flat land with well looked after olive trees land is on two sides of the road Water project will let connect to water pipes are being laid at the moment.
CFD200482 FINCA CHIMO  Approx 8 jornales land ,with almond carob and olive trees not cultivated for a long time  There is a building on the land with no roof. Water and electric are close by.
PRICE 12000 Euros